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How my burns healed so quickly

We’ve all done it! I was distracted while cooking and burnt my hand. I picked the pan rack up with my bare hand to clean underneath it forgetting that the cooker had just been on for an hour.

My entire hand felt like it was on fire! Whilst holding a bag of ice I immediately fetched the Cantharis 30c from my homeopathic remedies and a tube of pure aloe vera gel.

I took a dose of Cantharis every 30 minutes and liberally applied aloe vera with the same frequency, as well as continually replacing the ice. When the pain started to subside about four hours later I stopped applying ice and continued with the Cantharis and aloe vera at a reduced frequency for the next 24 hours or so.

You can see the effect in these photos.

I took the first photo about twelve hours after burning my hand - I didn’t think to take a photo any sooner as I was busy tending to the burns. The second photo was taken just one day later! Almost as if it never happened. And no scarring.

I’m so thankful to be equipped with these amazing remedies. I highly recommend adding them to your own first aid kit.

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