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Hormone Balance and Menstrual Health

Painful or heavy periods? Mid-month bleeding? Pre-menstrual mood change? Irregular cycle? Absence of periods? Skin breakouts?


If you or your daughter are experiencing any of these or other menstrual symptoms, contact Nicola to find out how homeopathy can help you.

Nicola specialises in menstrual health and hormone balance for girls and women, from puberty onwards.

This is how one client recalls her experience of homeopathic treatment for menstrual disorders: “After the very first treatment of homeopathy with Nicola, my menstrual cycle was restored. The treatments also helped reduce the severity of my acne and relieved period pain. I found Nicola’s sessions were beneficial and supportive, and the treatments were very effective.”

Some of Nicola’s clients already have a diagnosis from their doctor, for example endometriosis, polycystic ovaries or fibroids. Nicola works holistically using natural remedies to restore balance. She does not diagnose, so you should consult your doctor for any scans or tests you may need.

Nicola also works with women whose cycles have not resumed since coming off the pill.

To find out how homeopathy can help you or your daughter with menstrual disorders, get in touch with Nicola today for a free 15 minute initial chat.

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