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“After the very first treatment of homeopathy with Nicola, my menstrual cycle was restored. The treatments also helped reduce the severity of my acne and relieved period pain. I found Nicola’s sessions were beneficial and supportive, and the treatments were very effective.”

"You have done so much for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it all."

“I had been suffering with pressure headaches, along with several other symptoms, since contracting glandular fever last year. Things weren't resolving with traditional medical intervention and on the recommendation of my wife's friend I started consulting Nicola for homeopathy. Within the space of a few homeopathic treatments my headaches have resolved and I feel back to my normal, healthy self again.”

"I just wanted to thank you for the remedies you prescribed - I feel so so much better and that is down to you."

"I felt the remedies helped my body to tackle the endometriosis which was likely to be hindering me getting pregnant. The homeopathic remedies and the vitamin supplements that were recommended also helped my general well being which enabled me to relax a lot more and rebalance my body and just let it happen, and thank God in the end it did."

“When I first went to see Nicola I had suffered from eczema for ten years and I was not able to sleep more than four hours a night. I constantly felt exhausted, anxious and that I could not carry on with my life without help. My sleeping got much better immediately and my eczema is gone as well. What is more I am a happy and positive person again. It just simply works.”

"Thanks again - I learn so much in our sessions."

"I was introduced to Homeopathy about 2 years ago and used it fairly extensively during and after labour of my second child and was absolutely amazed at the difference it made to my recovery in comparison to my first labour’s recovery experience. 

I was fascinated and I started using homeopathy with myself and my family with marked success. Homeopathy with the crucial guidance of my homeopath amazingly helped cure my son, then aged 3, from asthma and eczema. (Since the age of 3 months he had suffered frequent chest infections, had various courses of antibiotics and had been using a Ventolin baby inhaler regularly to control his escalating asthma.) He is now a busy 4 year old and for the last year and a half he has never needed an inhaler and is bursting with vitality."

"First of all thank you for seeing me. The tablets you gave did calm me down and so thank you again."

"I use homeopathy very successfully at home for family first aid, coughs and colds, fevers and even with chicken pox it has worked wonders. It works gently, safely and naturally to trigger your body’s own mechanisms to fight disease/ailments with great success.  Homeopathy is now very much an integral and crucial part of keeping my family in good health."

“I first started seeing Nicola when I was fifteen weeks pregnant. I had just been discharged from hospital, following a ten day stay for hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting). My system was completely exhausted, as was I. Over the next few weeks and months, with Nicola’s care and attention, I regained my strength. I have had a few minor problems, which Nicola dealt with very expertly, and I am now back to good health. I plan to use homeopathy in labour and have attended talks by Nicola, which have proved helpful and reassuring.”

“After hitting near rock bottom in terms of my health, mental state and energy, I sought a homeopath as I knew that contemporary medicine would only offer me blood tests and rest. I began to feel better even after the first couple of homeopathy sessions and treatments. I have not been ill for nine months (except for one minor cold!), my hayfever has much improved, my energy levels have perked up dramatically and I feel much better able to cope with my life.”

"M is feeling much better thank you, I think his body responded strongly to pulsatilla!"

"I took the remedies from the morning when I started to feel the first contraction - I found them really useful and gave me something to concentrate on. I took about 4 remedies over the the birth and days after - arnica, and others for emotional support and healing promotion and they seemed to help."

“I have been to many other homeopaths in the last thirty years since I have been a sufferer of Crohn’s Disease, but I have been helped more by Nicola than anyone else. My E.S.R. blood test, which shows inflammation, has come down considerably. Also, the joint pains that I had been suffering in my knees, fingers and toes have gone completely.”

“I have suffered from psoriasis for some years and did not consider that there was any cure. I was introduced to Nicola through friends and was treated at all times very professionally. I had a course of homeopathy and, whilst I am not cured, there is no doubt that my symptoms have eased.”

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